Introducing the 2009 Global Voices Film Festival

I’m very excited to introduce the Global Voices Film Festival, presented by UNA-GB and the Harvard Kennedy School in early October. This festival draws a diverse audience of students, Boston’s international community, international affairs professionals, and those who are interested in a global perspective. Our 2009 documentaries come from the Cannes International Film Festival, selected by our curator, Anna Feder.

So, what separates this film festival from the other film festivals in the Boston area? And what is UNA-GB doing differently this year? In my opinion (as a college student), the best part of this year’s festival is the fact that the viewing sessions are segregated by topic. This means that each of the 6-7 sessions we will hold will have a dedicated global issue- such as the environment, human rights, war and peace, women’s advocacy, local culture, and more- providing the audience with many choices and an ability to focus on issues that interest them.

Furthermore, NEW to this year’s festival will be the addition of a relevant speaker or panel to each of the sessions, providing a forum for more information and questions. Basically, with each session, the audience will get the chance to see a Cannes documentary and engage with an expert connected to the documentary. Now that is unique!

This is just an initial update about the festival, as we are still in the early planning stages. Please keep an eye on this blog for more information from our interns, the festival curator, and the selection committee members! You can also follow UNA-GB on twitter and on our website.

Until the next time,

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