Screening committees hard at work

My name is Michael Goodwin and I am a programming/membership intern this summer at UNA-GB. Of the many signature events that I am lucky enough to assist with, I am most excited about the Global Voices film festival. A symphony involving UNA-GB staff, interns, members, friends, informed citizens, curious festival followers and Boston film junkies alike, the festival is already shaping up to be a big success.

The planning and screening for Global Voices is well under way, and the various screening committees are reviewing films for inclusion in this year’s festival. We are thrilled to announce the five global topics for the feature length screenings and programming (in addition to the selection of shorts from Cannes). This year’s categories include: war and peacekeeping, women’s advocacy, global health, environmental awareness, and human rights/cultural heritage. These five committees, comprised of dedicated UNA-GB members, have been busy in their home theatres and in front of the televisions and laptops, viewing documentaries and making difficult decisions between films.

Within these five groups films hail from five continents alongside several intercontinental documentaries dealing with global issues such as drug trafficking, world wildlife and the international oil market. From Iran to Brazil, the topics of these films are current, poignant, and thought provoking.

For a taste of what’s to come, check out the reviews of the films being screened at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York. Ending today, the festival is screening several of the films under consideration by our committees.

Stay informed and start the countdown!


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