A Message from the Curator

Hello! My name is Anna Feder and I am the curator for this year’s Global Voices Film Festival. This is the first time the festival has had a local curator, so the position is still developing. I am responsible for providing the selection committee with a wide range of short and feature documentaries and will help the committee narrow down those choices in the future. In addition to my work for Global Voices, I am the director of the Boston Underground Film Festival and the Program Coordinator for the Visual Media Arts Department at Emerson College, a role aimed at connecting the students to the broader arts community in their chosen field.

I selected the potential documentaries for this year’s festival, from the Cannes International Film Festival which I attended last month. Most of you have likely seen the photos of starlets in gowns parading the red carpet on the Croisette but there is much more to this festival.  Out of the view of the press and the public is the real business of film-making: buying, selling and financing dominates the seven days of the festival. I had a market badge supplied by the Boston Underground Film Festival that allowed me access to distributors from all over the world looking to promote the films from their country.  In addition to my work for BUFF, I used this access to solicit documentaries that I thought would best represent UNA-GB’s mission and audience.

The films that I invited for consideration are incredibly diverse. In this stage of the selection process, there is a documentary from every single continent; they are as short as ten minutes and as long as an hour and a half.  They’re compelling, crucial and often full of hope and possibility. I felt as though I had incredible flexibility in choosing the documentaries for the selection committee because there are so many topics that are in need of a fresh perspective or have not been addressed at all. For example, in the health related category alone, the initial selection included documentaries about AIDS in Africa, smoking in the U.S. and agricultural troubles in Europe.

I am continuing my work with the selection committee to narrow down our choices, so that we can present a broad range of topics that will spark dialogue and allow us to learn more about a variety of global issues and oft over looked cultures. Please do not hesitate to contact UNA-GB for more information about the festival!

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