Global Voices Thank You

Thanks to everybody who came to the Global Voices Film Festival and made the event a great success!

We were impressed by the strong turnout, especially at the feature films, Tapped, Tea on the Axis of Evil, and My Neighbor, My Killer. Professionals, professors, and students of all ages came out to enjoy international films and participate in lively discussions and debates.

Thursday’s opening of the festival with the film Tapped, a documentary about the truth of the bottled water industry, was overwhelmingly popular and Sunday’s closing forum was especially exciting. Panelists from both of the films featured that day—My Neighbor, My Killer and Soldiers of Peace—came together to debate ideas of peace building.

And although the features were excellent and well-received, size doesn’t always matter—Saturday’s shorts program was equally as exciting. The selected shorts and global shorts offered fascinating peeks into the lives of others around the world. Special recognition goes out again to the short film, Home Is Where You Find It, about AIDs orphans in Mozambique and its director Neil Baer, who joined us for a free screening and discussion of the film prior to the festival.

Thanks again to all who joined us for the program—we already can’t wait until next year.

Until then,

The UNA-GB team

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