Please find your seats . . . the show is about to start!

The long and arduous film selection process is winding down, and the committee is preparing to make its final decisions for the 2010 Global Voices Film Festival within the coming days.

The films in contention come from a wide array of topics and represent stories from around the world, from movements on other side of the globe to issues raging in our own backyard.

The variety of this year’s submissions is a testament to the complexity of the challenges the world faces today. Controversial environmental movements are galvanizing support on both sides in the United States. Organ trafficking in Egypt is threatening the health and safety of thousands in the greater Middle East. Politicians and activists in the nuclear-age are having trouble finding a balance between pragmatic diplomacy and revolutionary international cooperation. Traditional treatment of women in Africa is being challenged by those demanding modernization of social codes. The seemingly timeless Israeli-Palestinian question is now being answered by a nonviolent movement using familiar inspiration. Children in Kenya battle unthinkable struggles imposed by poverty while trying to maintain their youthful cheer. Remote tribes look to maintain their way of life, standing up to international conglomerates and the spread of industrialization.

All these issues and more have been presented to the Festival’s selection committee and have sparked vibrant debate in recent weeks. The 2010 Global Voices Film Festival promises to showcase a dynamic collection of films that will not only shine light on areas in which the United Nations is working, but also offer unparalleled insight into the challenge we face.

Check back soon for the finalized decisions!

– Patrick

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