Ready for some great panel discussions?

We are hoping that all of you are as hyped up about the 2 documentaries;  screening this upcoming weekend as we are! For more details on the films screening this weekend visit our website at

Just to remind you, we have panel discussions following the screenings of each documentary.  We wanted to update you on some of the panelists, who will be present for discussions following the documentaries. Check out the exciting experts and activists below:

On Oct. 1st, following “Countdown to Zero,” the film that will sweep us into a scorching, hypnotic journey around the world to reveal the palpable possibility of nuclear disaster and frame an issue on which human survival itself hangs; we have two panelists to lead discussion and debate.

Guntram Mueller,
who is currently a member of Massachusetts Peace Action’s Board of Directors and Chair of the United Justice for Peace Nuclear Abolition task force, will speak Friday night. Mueller is also a core group member of 2020Action which puts out a monthly action alert on nuclear weapons and environmental issues. He retired three years ago from teaching Mathematics at UMass Lowell.

We will also have Jim Walsh, who is an expert on international security issues, and his research and writings focus on issues regarding nuclear weapons, and terrorism. He is a prominent figure in the field of security studies, and has testified before the US Senate on Iran’s nuclear program. Dr. Walsh is currently at Research Associate at MIT’s Security Studies Program.

On Oct. 2nd for the Sneak Peek of “Cape Wind: The Fight for the Future of Power in America,” the film that brings us back to our own backyard, and explores the divisive controversy over the Cape Wind project, we have three panelists with diverse experiences and perspectives on the issues under discussion.  The panel discussion following this sneak peek will provide you with a great opportunity to discuss your viewpoints with the Producer of the film, and the experts, before the complete documentary is released.

Daniel Coffin, the Producer of Cape Wind, and a pioneering technology consultant and energy aficionado, will be joining us for the panel discussion.  As the lead writer of this film, Mr. Coffin has been instrumental in weaving the Project’s regional significance into the dual national crises of energy independence and climate change.

Richard Vietor, a Senior Associate Dean for the Asian Initiative, and Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, will also be on our panel.  Professor Vietor has done extensive research on the global wind industry and is the author of several cases on the topic including, “Cape Wind: Offshore Wind Energy in the USA,” Harvard Business School Case 708-022.

David G. Tuerck, currently the Executive Director, Chairman, and Professor of Economics of the Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research at Suffolk University rounds out the Oct. 2nd panel.  For the past seven years, Mr. Tuerck has directed studies aimed at determining the effects of Cape Wind on tourism and property values, as well as the project’s cost-effectiveness for reducing pollution and global warming.  Most recently, he has authored opinion editorials critical of Cape Wind’s contract with National Grid to provide power to Massachusetts customers.

Both nights are sure to offer lively, informed debate and discussion.  Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of the conversation!   Get your tickets now at and invite your friends.

We are looking forward to having you at the Film Festival!


UNA-GB Staff

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